There are many reasons why a person may wish to seek residency in a European country and there numerous benefits. Access to visa free travel across all of Europe, good healthcare and education opportunities and a pleasant climate are just some of the reasons why people choose to relocate abroad with the help of a scheme such as the Greek Residency Programme. Others may be looking for alternative options due to political or economical uncertainty in their home country. Whatever the reason, Europe’s lowest cost Golden Visa Programme is certainly an attractive option.

EU Residency at the Lowest Price

One of the obstacles investors can come up against when looking to relocate overseas, is an investment sum that is just unattainable. Some investment schemes ask for large donations along with million euro investments. For many, this is just too much for the scheme to be attractive, or the investor simply may not have access to such large sums of money. With the Greek Residency Programme however, the investment sum is just €250,000, making Greek residency a real possibility for a greater number people. What’s more, your application also includes your spouse and children, so your entire family can gain residency with your application, eliminating the need for individual applications.

Fast access to Europe

As well as being the most affordable residency programme in Europe, it’s also one of the fastest with regards to the application process. Once an investment in property has been made, the process for gaining the documentation for residency can be completed within just a couple of months. If you don’t want to wait around and are keen to make the move to Europe, Greece is certainly a wise choice when it comes to ensuring you’re not waiting years to make that step forward to EU residency.

The first step to citizenship

Once you’ve gained residency, you can then go on to apply for Greek citizenship. Your Greek residency permit lasts for five years, after which it may be renewed. It’s also worth noting that the investment property must be retained during the entire duration of residency, which is another reason why it’s beneficial to have a relatively small investment level, as you may have that sum tied up in property for many years. The residency programme itself does not actually require you to live in Greece, but if you’d then like to seek full Greek citizenship, you will need to have lived permanently in Greece for at least seven years before you can make that application.

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Here at Savva & Associates we are fully versed in the intricacies of the Greek Residency Programme and can advise you on every aspect of the process, from your investment in property, to the documentation you’ll need for the application. For more information, please browse our website, or get in touch with one of our specialist residency experts. We have a 100% success rate on Investor Immigration Applications, so you can rest assured, your application is in safe hands with us.

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