Why the Cyprus Investment Programme is one of the Best in the World


Throughout the globe, there are so many citizenship schemes available to investors looking to gain residency abroad.  However each programme is different. Of course the destination country may be more or less desirable, but there will also be many other factors to consider, from the level of investment needed to the time and effort it would take to apply for the programme and see the process through to citizenship for you and your family. Some schemes will invariably be more attractive than others, but there are a handful of citizenship programmes that stand head and shoulders above the others, and one of those is the Cyprus Investment Programme. Let’s take a closer look as to why this particular scheme is ranked as one of the Top Ten citizenship investment programmes in the whole world…

You gain Cypriot passport holder rights


Once you’re a citizen of Cyprus, you become a Cyprus passport holder and this opens up a world of opportunities for you and your family. As a full EU member, all Cyprus passport holders are entitled to free movement throughout the European Union. This can be a particular boon if you regularly travel for business as with your Cypriot passport you can travel visa-free to all 28 EU nations as well as 150 countries worldwide. This certainly makes travelling less stressful and time consuming. Another advantage for business people is that you’ll also gain the right to conduct business freely with any businesses within the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. You’ll also be giving your children some extra opportunities that may not have been available to them before, the right to study anywhere within the EU.


Your application can include your family


With some citizenship programmes, each family member wishing to gain citizenship must submit their own stand alone application. This can be time consuming, it could well work out costly with separate fees to pay for each application, and you have the uncertainty that when you submit several applications, what would happen if one application should be refused? With the Cyprus Investment Programme, your spouse and dependant children can be included in the application with very little extra work involved.


You and your family are entitled to healthcare and education

As citizens of Cyprus, your children will be able to attend educational establishments free of charge. This not only includes both primary and secondary education, but public university education too. You’ll also all be eligible to participate in the recently introduced full-coverage healthcare programme. For a simple contribution of a small percentage of your income, you become entitled to all healthcare.


There’s no requirement to have lived in Cyprus previously

Citizenship programme applications can be drastically slowed down when one of the requirements is that the applicant must have lived in the country for a certain period of time. With the Cyprus scheme there are no such requirements so you can go ahead with your application immediately.



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